We know yard maintenance and weed control can be a bit difficult. This season we hope to make it a little easier. In our opinion the most effective way to keep weeds at bay is to use pre-emergent. What pre-emergent does, is kill the weed seeds before they germinate. Because pre-emergent kills the seeds before germination, the timing is critical. We recommend applying twice a year: Valentine’s day and Halloween are good days to go by. Pre-emergent comes in a couple forms including spray and granular. Granular is easy to apply in a lawn or planter beds and the spray is great for large areas and is more cost effective.

Since the pre-emergent only kills weed seeds it’s also important to kill the existing weeds to be the most effective. A great way to do this is to mix a pre and post emergent together. As previously stated, the pre-emergent kills the seeds before they germinate and the post-emergent kills the weeds after it has germinated. Some great products to do that with is Prodiamine which is a water soluble pre-emergent, and Ranger Pro which is a liquid post-emergent. Another additive I would also add to your mixture (or any other chemicals you spray) is a surfactant. A surfactant helps the weeds absorb so it can penetrate the weeds much better than without. We highly recommend this step as your results typically will be much more effective. A great surfactant to add to the Prodiamine and Ranger Pro is Dyn-amic.

We hope you have a wonderful weed-free spring! For absolutely any questions, call or come on in to Loucks Landscape Supply and talk to us!